ENDUS Limited is a globally focused aircraft development company established in TURKEY, specialized in Fighter Aircraft and Experimental Aircraft Programs, managed by its founder with a corporate approach. Today, the company operates from its head office in METU Technopolis, ANKARA.

Since the company was established as an international engineering enterprise, we serve its customers with Engineering Service in Aerospace Industry especially in Figher Jet Programs and Expermental Aircrafts Development Programs. With its focus on establishing long-term relationships with its clients and sustainable business solutions, We want to be leading aerospace enterprise with its own developed systems.

Our key goal is to deliver safe, smart and sustainable engineering for our customers. Fixed Wing Engineering Solutions are our core businesses.

Unique one shareholding structure ownership gives us an edge over many of our competitors, who have a more anonymous shareholding structure. Profits are not paid out as dividends, but retained for future investments, so we can pursue a long-term counter-cyclical strategy.

Our company philosophy is: Individual and society balance each other. The individual creates but the mass destroys. Only individuals can love and imagine. Society cannot love and imagine. For this reason, every employee in this community is aware that we must be individuals at first.