We define thermal conductivity is the material property that determines how fast or how much heat can be transferred through a material for a given temperature difference. Accurate information of a materialÔÇÖs thermal conductivity is crucial in heat transfer applications. To determine┬áthermal conductivity,┬áthermal diffusivity┬áand┬áspecific heat, there are different options, depending on temperature range, type of material and accuracy of the analysis. The┬áTIM-Tester┬áis our new instrument for the analysis of┬áthermal interface materials┬álike thermal fluids, thermal pastes (greases), phase change materials (PCM), solders or resilient thermal conductors. The TIM-Tester measures the thermal impedance of sample materials and identifies an apparent thermal conductivity. ENDUS offers effective thermal conductivity and measurement devices for a wide range of materials, to ensure they insulate, conduct and withstand temperature changes in Aerospace┬á applications. Due to increasing heat transfer sensitivity, knowledge of heat transport properties of solids and liquids is becoming more and more crucial. Many application fields like┬á Aviation / Aerospace need very precise information about the thermal behavior of their used materials. Heat management is becoming very import for example in the building industries due to exploding energy costs or in the semiconducting industries if we think of high charged integrated device. Thats why a lot of research & development is also done in this field. ENDUS Thermal Conductivity instruments operate in agreement with international standards such as ASTM E1461, DIN EN 821, BS EN 1159-2, ASTM C714, ASTM C518, ISO 8301, DIN EN 12667 EN 12 and ASTM D5470.