Two Phase Cooling

ENDUS has expertise in the development and commercialization of two phase cooling, playing an integral role in the advancement and use of heat pipes, vapor chambers, and thermosiphons. ENDUS's world-class engineering, manufacturing, and testing capabilities enable innovative solutions that can meet the most stringent requirements, from the challenges of medical applications to the rigors of lab, land, sea, air, space and naval devices.

With years of experience, dedicated resources for research and development, and design centers specially equipped for the development of two phase solutions, ENDUS is uniquely positioned to tackle any thermal challenge. From simple embedded heat pipes to extraordinary two phase thermal systems utilizing multiple advanced technologies and materials, ENDUS offers the full range of integrated solutions.

Heat Pipes & Heat Pipe Assemblies

ENDUS has consistently been on the forefront of heat pipe technology and continues to push the boundaries of the technology today. As electronics have become smaller and more powerful, heat pipe technology has become much more necessary to safely and reliably dissipate higher, more condensed heat loads.

ENDUS is one of the few global organizations with dedicated resources to every aspect of heat pipe design and production, from R&D for new designs and materials to high volume production of fully integrated heat pipe assemblies. Heat pipe capabilities also include loop and high temperature heat pipe design and manufacture.

ENDUS manufactures its own heat pipes to maintain strict quality standards. Our engineering teams have been running heat pipe and loop heat pipe life testing on a variety of material systems and heat rejection conditions. This ensures our heat pipes’ longevity and reliability, ongoing life testing on copper-water-sintered powder heat pipe systems. Other material systems and heat rejection conditions include copper-water with different wick structures, copper-methanol, aluminum-ammonia, inconel-sodium, natural convection, forced convection, and liquid cooling.

  • Copper Water Heat Pipes
  • Cryogenic Heat Pipes
  • Flexible Heat Pipe Assemblies
  • Heat Spreading Heat Pipe Assemblies
  • High Temperature Heat Pipes
  • Isothermal Furnace Liners
  • Loop Heat Pipes
  • Transport Heat Pipe Assemblies
  • Variable Conductance Heat Pipes (VCHPs)
  • Constant Conductance Heat Pipes (CCHPs)


Thermosiphons offer more cost-efficient two phase cooling than heat pipes or vapor chambers, but as they are wickless, they need a consistent gravitational pull to operate. For additional cost savings, ENDUS offers advanced engineering and streamlined manufacturing that enables one shot brazing. ENDUS has also developed loop thermosiphon solutions that offer passive liquid cooling for more reliable high-power cooling.

Immersion Cooling

Industries  continue to push for more processing power and energy storage to the point that even liquid cooling is becoming insufficient. In order to enable such high power densities, innovative systems designers are turning to immersion cooling, where part or all of the board is submerged in dielectric fluids.

To improve heat transfer from the heat source to the liquid, evaporators or boiler plates are installed in lieu of a heat sink or liquid cold plate. These boiler plates provide additional surface area to boil local liquid, which captures heat from the device and carries it away as the boiled bubbles rise away from the board.

As having expertise  in liquid and two phase cooling, ENDUS has developed and manufactures boiler plates using techniques refined from our decades of experience with two phase components. Boiler plates utilize a variety of construction types and geometries, and ENDUS continues to research and develop flexible, integrated solutions.