The Vortex Tube Heater/Cooler protects pilot-controlled regulators against freezing and where electronic instrumentation is used to monitor gas pressure regulation station performance. The Vortex Pilot Heater is a Class 1, Division 1 explosion proof equipment that meets all requirements for regulator station design and applications. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Defense and Aerospace industry has been used in the processes of heating/cooling needs where the fluid is gas, in natural gas distribution lines and regulator stations (RMS-A ​​RMS-B), power plant combustion turbine fuel gas and ethanol production facility fuel gas distribution, valve diaphragm. FSRU, which needs heating, can be used in the heating/cooling needs of LNG ships, in the discharge facilities, or in all kinds of gas heating and cooling applications.

The Vortex Pilot Gas Heater/Cooler features a new heating/cooling technology that does not require external energy (no chemicals or electricity). Heat is generated as a result of routine gas pressure reduction in the process. Cooling is also obtained from the heat produced, in accordance with the law of conservation of work energy. Thus, it can be used for heating and cooling according to the desired need.

In this equipment, which is designed and manufactured by us, we convert the internal energy of the compressed gas at the inlet into two high-density thermal currents. These; low temperature and high temperature currents. Because the high-temperature eddy current is located close to the interior walls of the equipment, its energy penetrates the walls and acts as a heating medium for an external pilot gas flow. Low and high temperature currents coexist in the equipment, and then we remove it from the unit through the discharge holes. The released thermal energy is then applied to the pilot gas (load gas) as it passes through a heat exchanger installed in the walls of the vortex heater. Some of the heat flux produced is also applied to heat the pressure reducing inlet nozzles of the vortex tube, allowing it to make a freezing-free pressure break from the gas that was not preheated by the vortex heater.

Vortex Tubes - Heater/Cooler Features

  • From DN
  • Hot outlet up to +120 °C
  • Adjustable temperature feature
  • Compatible design family according to desired flow, pressure and temperature
  • Not sensitive to wet feed gas.
  • No gas loss.
  • Contains no moving parts.
  • No overheating occurs.
  • It does not require external maintenance.
  • It is easy to install or retrofit in new or existing facilities.