ENDUS Limited  is a fresh company in integrated engineering system solution, thermal management, and protection solutions that enable our customers’ current and future technologies. We make space exploration safer and more attainable, military units more accurate and accessible, electronics smarter and better connected. Developing solutions that move technology forward by making your products faster, safer, lighter, more reliable, and longer lasting. From electronic packaging to cooling | heating solutions, lab scale and sub-system level solutions  as our customers redefine their industries – integrated solutions from ENDUS make the future possible. Electronics today are growing exponentially smarter and more powerful as they become smaller and more prevalent leading to increased power demands and a greater need for better thermal management. Dissipating increased heat is often the biggest barrier to optimized functionality and product success. To maintain performance and safety, extend device lifetimes, ensure customer satisfaction, and improve reliability, this additional heat must be removed. ENDUS has a long history of developing, designing, testing, optimizing, and fabricating reliable high-performance cooling solutions across all industries. Through consistent innovation in engineering and manufacturing, ENDUS provides optimized, cost-efficient thermal solutions and systems utilizing the largest range of traditional and advanced cooling technologies. By choosing, integrating, or developing the right technology, whether it be a two phased, air cooled, or liquid system, ENDUS delivers thermal management solutions that can increase power, improve functionality and reliability, and reduce the cost and size of our customers’ applications. ENDUS’s solutions extend from traditional and advanced air cooling and liquid cooling systems and heat exchangers, to more advanced conduction cooling and two phase heat transfer. ENDUS is on the cutting edge of immersion cooling boiler plates, ultra thin vapor chambers, thermosiphons, and complex heat pipe assemblies for high heat flux applications. We work with unique materials such as titanium and graphite to produce lightweight, high performance thermal straps, heat spreaders, chassis and enclosures and CTE-matched surfaces for applications that push industry standards. Combining this thermal expertise with ENDUS's long standing converting and sourcing capabilities, we provide fully integrated thermal systems that include interface materials, sealing, and protection at an overall lower landed costs. For any industry to be successful, quality control and scale of production at the viable economic level is an inevitable necessity. The quality control depends on the monitoring of vital processes and associated variables. The economy of operation controlled by material and energy inputs into the production process and systems. The monitoring of variables, the process thereby, energy and materials need instrumentation systems finally to achive the automatic control of the given industrial process. Our field specialists know the basics of industrial instrumentation and controls. So we do our job by sharing our experiences with our customers. Based on its deep know-how knowledge, site experience and proficiency in delivering world-class automation products, systems and solutions, a wide area of complimenting digital and collaborative solutions across applications and sectors, the Industrial automation business helps customers remain competitive, improving their return of investments and running safe, productive and sustainable operations.

Our Industrial Automation business provides wide range of solutions for process and hybrid industries, including our industry-specific integrated automation, electrification and digital solutions, control technologies, software and advanced services, as well as measurement & analytics, marine  offerings.

We are specialists in designing, specifying, procuring, calibrating, installing, piping, loop checking, commissioning and maintaining instrumentation and control systems for a wide range of industrial and commercial process control applications, ensuring that your plant operates safely.