The Aztec 633 colorimetric iron analyzer enables accurate control of iron removal processes and residual coagulant monitoring.

The Aztec 634 low-range manganese analyzer provides accurate measurement of manganese levels in final water to optimize chemical dosing control and improve drinking water quality.

The Aztec 635 high-range manganese analyzer provides reliable and accurate measurement of manganese levels in surface and ground waters for efficient control of manganese removal processes.

Featuring ABB's intuitive menu-driven software and the unique self-cleaning Aztec fluid handling system, users benefit from an analyser that is both simple-to-operate and maintain.

Users benefit from:
  – Analysis of up to 3 sample streams
  – Automatic 2-point calibration
  – Automatic background color compensation
  – Automatic sample dilution to maximize range
  – Self-cleaning measurement system
  – Intuitive software with full colour graphical display
  – Data logging and graphical process trending
  – Full audit trail capability
  – Secure data archiving to SD Card

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