The TB25 conductivity cell with integral tri-clamp fitting is designed for use in sanitary applications. A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved silicone potting material around the body of the sensor seals the measurement electrode tip. The first style available has an extended face that places the measurement electrodes into the process past the fitting. The extended face style is narrow enough to allow cleaning chemicals or steam to surround the body of the measurement electrodes. This assures crevice-free cleaning. The second style has a tri-clamp fitting that is flush with the sensor body.

The TB254 conductivity cell can be installed either in-line or used in submersible applications. In-line applications use 1 in. NPT receptacles where the sensor is either inserted and twisted 90 degrees or inserted and held in place by a cap nut. Easy, yet flexible, the installation makes this sensor ideal for general use conductivity measurements.