• Utilizes ABB’s new 266 series DP and multivariable transmitters with optional Through The Glass technology
    – enables meter configuration without the removal of the transmitter cover
  • Option of alloy or stainless steel transmitter body
    – enables supply of an all-stainless-steel, one piece flow meter
    – for ambient conditions require stainless steel exposed parts 
  • Integral ABB 266CSH multivariable transmitter available
    – measures DP, Pressure and Temperature
    – enables flowmeter to measure mass or corrected gas volume 
  • Available in small pipe sizes
    – pipe sizes of DN15, DN25 or DN40 (½, 1 or 1½ in.)
    – for small flowrates and pilot plant applications  
  • Replaceable orifice plates as standard for all sizes
    –  enables easy modification to changes in process conditions / fluid 
  • Option of female-threaded or welded flanged pipework connections
    – range of process connections to suit installation