DIAMETER RANGE:Inner Diameter between 50 mm and 600 mm according to ISO 5167
Inner Diameter up to 1600 mm with calibration
FLOW RANGE:10000 ≤ ReD
Up to Sch XXS according to ASME B36.10M for piping
Up to 2500 Lbs. according to ASME B16.5 for fittings
CONNECTION TYPES:Weld End according to EN 9692-1 or ASME B16.25
Flanged End according to EN 1092-1 or ASME B16.5
Other type of connection upon request
MATERIAL:Generally AISI 316 for Wedge throat
Any type of steel body including throat of the primary device according to system requirements
MEDIUM:Water, Steam, Air, Natural Gas, Combustion Gas, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oil, Oven Gas and any
other fluid of which thermophysical properties are known