Continuous gas analyzers are designed for ultra-precise in situ measurements of gas streams with continuous exposure to potentially hazardous and corrosive gaseous media.
They operate on the principle of tunable diode laser adsorption spectroscopy (TDLAS), which uses highly tuned wavelengths of laser light from permanently fixed diodes in a cross-stack system to measure the concentration of gas species at the parts per billion (ppb) range. Leading continuous gas analyzers may also be capable of quantitively assessing the temperature, pressure, and velocity of observed samples.

Advance Optima AO2000
AO2000 System
CEMcaptain GAA610-M 
EasyLine EL3000
EasyLine EL3060
Endura AZ30 - Endura AZ20 
Endura AZ40
NO2/NO Converter SCC-K
ProKiln GAC400
PUV3402 and PUV3402 LED
Sample Gas Cooler SCC-C
Sample Gas Feed Unit SCC-F
Sample Gas Feed Unit SCC-S
Utility Unit SCC-U