EasyLine is both a powerful and affordable line of instruments for the monitoring of gas concentrations in numerous applications. Up to two analyzer modules can be combined in one housing to measure up to five different gases continuously.

The advantages to you – EasyLine offers:

  • Proven analyzer technology
  • Intuitive operation via five buttons
  • UV photometer
  • Infrared photometer
  • Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer
  • Electrochemical oxygen sensor
  • Thermal conductivity analyzer
  • Trace oxygen analyzer
  • Flame Ionization Detector
  • Extensive self-diagnosis functions
  • Internal QAL3 reporting option according EN 14181
  • Web server included for easy read-out by Internet browsers
  • 19" wide for rack mounting
  • Compact, purgeable IP65 enclosure for wall mounting

No need for test gas cylinders
Automatic calibration in combination with the superior ABB calibration cell technology in the photometer, no need for expensive test gas cylinders in most applications. Zero point with ambient air.

  • Photometer can be equipped with calibration cell
  • Long term stability proven
  • Optional QAL3 card allows internal automatic surveillance of drift and precision during operation

Good combinations
Several types of analyzers are available:
Combination of different analyzers in one single housing provides optimum economic and operational efficiency for your application.

  • IR photometer and electrochemical oxygen sensor
  • IR photometer and paramagnetic oxygen analyzer
  • IR photometer and thermal conductivity
  • UV photometer and paramagnetic oxygen analyzer
  • UV photometer and electrochemical oxygen sensor