NO2/NO Converter

  • Catalyst cartridge can be changed from the front without any tools
  • High catalyst service life time
  • Manual switching between NO and NOX without requiring solenoid valves
  • Option: Version with heated sample gas inlet for installing the converter upstream of the sample gas cooler (no NO2 loss)

Additional version: Thermal converter with quartz-glass reaction tube

  • No consumable parts
  • PVDF fittings
  • Applications: Conversion of certain carbon, sulfur and halogen compounds into measurable components from the sample gas without the other gas components being affected:
    • Pulp and paper industry: TRS measurement, oxidation of sulfur-organic and non-organic compounds
    • Chlorine plants Conversion of H2 to HCl using Cl2
    • Chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC), PVC plants Oxidation of chlorine components