The PFO3372 incorporates the use of fiber optic sampling accessories for added measurement capability.

Moisture applications such as water in acids, water in methanol, water in hydrocarbons or hydrocarbons in water are good candidates for the fiber optic option. Applications that require a fast response time, such as monitoring the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) for hydrocarbons in air, should also be considered.

The PFO3372 Multiwave Fiber Optic photometer solution is effective in UV (Ultraviolet), VIS (visible), NIR (near infrared) applications where:

Sample stream is highly toxic
Corrosive products are analyzed
Streams are at high temperature
Streams are at high pressure
The Sample is at high vacuum
The Sample needs to remain sanitary
Fast response time is required
Sample is at a high pressure

With this solution, light is transmitted via one waveguide to the remote sample cell.  A second waveguide is used to return the sample-modified light to the detector.