The premium solution for cement plants with increased use of alternative fuels

Cement production is highly energy  intensive and the majority of plants worldwide are
continuously seeking to increase use of alternative fuels to reduce the impact on the
environment and increase process efficiency. According to the European Cement Association there is no technical limitation for cement plants to increase use of alternative fuels up to 95%. With the industry moving rapidly in this direction, despite clear economic and environmental benefits, it also presents new challenges for process and equipment.
To meet the changing process conditions, ABB and FLO2R have joined forces to offer a premium product that supports cement plants in achieving their objectives. With 60 years’ combined experience, the 4th generation kiln inlet solution of ABB has been developed. 

ProKiln – The next generation is powerful!

ProKiln consists of a control unit, cooling unit and a retraction unit. Having two air blasters equips the retractor with a powerful cleaning of the probe tube. In combination with the unique nozzle design, the pressurized air is directed in different streams to ensure the most effective cleaning of the probe tip. To avoid a mix of sample and dust a two-layer filter is embedded inside the probe and can easily be cleaned via the air blasters. Furthermore, the thoughtful design allows a manual cleaning and the conduct of maintenance activities without specialist knowledge, leading to an availability of more than 95%.
In addition, the solution is available in a dual-probe configuration to support cement plants on their journey to 100% availability

The unique features of ProKiln:

• Powerful cleaning with 2 air blasters
• Filter in the tip of the probe ensuring no mix of sample and dust
• Limiting direct dust flow based on tip shield
• Innovative and unique nozzle design
• Thoughtful design allows an easy manual cleaning
• No moving parts
• User-friendly operation via touch panel
• Combinable with AO2000 system and 3rd party analyzers
• Available as single and dual probe configuration