This extractive analyzer is also available in a Near-Infrared version, and constitutes a superior choice for integration into a total analyzer package. As with all other FTPA product lines the FTPA2000-300 features the single-pivot wishbone interferometer that was made famous and improved by ABB. The FTPA2000-300 provides spectroscopic performance superior to that of other industrial units:

  • Rugged construction for dependable performance outside of the laboratory.
  • Mid- or Near-Infrared Analysis.

Available in two configurations:

- External detector that is compatible with the standard sampling compartment.
- Internal detector that is compatible with Process FT-IR sampling accessories.

  • Wall, rack, or shelf mounted to achieve performance in all three possible orientation axes.
  • Patented Michelson single-pivot interferometer with 2 corner-cube retroreflectors mounted on a double pendulum swing arm.
  • Optical design eliminates double modulation induced artifacts.
  • Factory prealigned interferometer and input/output optics – does not require additional adjustments.
  • All FT-NIR instruments reproduce the absorbance spectrum of toluene (4100-6000 cm-1) in a 0.5 mm cell at 28° C ±1° to within 0.002 A.