The HP260X series Process FT-IR analyzers are designed for real-time, online process monitoring and process control of hydrocarbon streams. The analyzers are ideally suited for analyzing gasoline and diesel fuel streams in the refining industry to determine chemical and physical properties for final product blending optimization, as well as wider ranging applications including Crude Distillation Units, Heavy Oil Upgrading Units, Hydrocracking Units and Base Oil Units.

Based on FT-IR (Fourier-transform infrared) technology, the HP260 analyzers offer superior reliability, rapidity, and flexibility. The HP260 analyzers provide exceptionally high stability,sensitivity and photometric accuracy. This results in robust calibration models with excellent transferability & maintainability, reducing development and ownerships costs as well as yielding outstanding analytical repeatability.

 Key Features:

  • Fully-integrated multi-channel fibre-optic FT-NIR  analyzer in a one-box Ex certified enclosure including user interface, data controller and I/O interface
  • Complete with industrial PC and touch-screen flat display
  • Up to 8 separate analysis channels with dedicated cells and detectors for each channel (cells, probes, fibres and detectors may be different for each channel allowing maximum application flexibility and multi-tasking)
  • TE-cooled detectors (option) for maximum sensitivity and fastest response
  • Easier to install and commission
  • Small footprint with reduced space requirement, wall-mount or floor-standing rack (option)
  • No need for additional PLC controllers or interfaces
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface and application set-up
  • Flexible, rapid analysis with zero deadtime between channels