Dedicated Solution for Monitoring Gases 

This instrument can easily be integrated into a continuous emission monitoring solution. Based on Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) technology, the MBGAS-3000 Analyzer provides exceptional stability, sensitivity, and photometric accuracy.

  • Based on hot/wet sample extraction. No sample treatment other than dust filtering required. Maintain sample integrity with no need for sample dilution. [NOTE: Can be interfaced with existing dry sample systems.]
  • High-end analytical performance that complies with emission monitoring regulations. Pre-defined analysis for combustion monitoring processes with focus on waste incineration, process, and power emissions.
  • Minimum commissioning time – design target for single-point calibration per gas range – including water. Flexible, with the multi-range support capabilities.
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to the long-lasting IR source, field serviceable modules, and maintenance-free interferometer.
  • Fast response time due to the long and short path cell low-volume design.
  • Highly reliable analyzer with state-of-the-art embedded software implementation.
  • Simplified integration: Wall or 19” rack mount (rack mount may require adjustment).
  • Modular design for in-field serviceability.
  • Minimal commissioning and maintenance.
  • Robust software design for very high reliability.
  • Pre-defined multi-component analysis for emission monitoring.
  • Designed to meet performance requirements in compliance with standard EN15267-3:2008-3.
  • Unit reports calibrated engineering values with embedded processing.