A configured analyzer based on the double-pivot interferometer has been packaged for a very specific purpose: process diffuse reflectance without the use of a fibre optic interface. This analyzer is a non-contact system, and is designed to be field mounted in close proximity to the sample. The large area measurement addresses the issue of the non-homogeneity of samples, which is quite regularly associated with solid samples.


  • Material on conveyer belts
  • Fabric / Tow
  • Pellets
  • Fine particles
  • Large and irregular samples

The MBOEM-EMIS is a precision FTIR spectrometer instrument that is designed to measure the spectral content of incoming light. Its compact size and rugged packaging allow for installation closer to raw material flow.

MBOEM-EMIS features:

  • Three lasers pointers for ease of alignment.
  • A large lid for accessing components
  • A choice of input optics (field swappable)