ABB offers a flexible kit to our OEM partners. In its basic form this kit contains the interferometer module, control electronics, source and detector housing / electronics, and harnessing required to integrate FTIR components into an OEM FTIR-based product.

The core of the OEM-MID/NIR is the revolutionary double-pivot Interferometer, which is only available at ABB. This is the same interferometer that is used in the MB3000 series analyzers.

Features and benefits (mounted on ABB’s base plate):

Modular pin-in-place design

  • The interferometer module carries an on-board source and metrology laser.
  • IR source, interferometer, and detectors can be swapped out without realignment.
  • Detector module supports TE-cooled detectors without extra hardware.

High-performance technologies

  • Patented double-pivot compact interferometer has high throughput.
  • Solid-state VCSEL laser diode for metrology provides extra-long life.
  • Advanced time-sampling algorithms give exceptional baseline stability.
  • In-place 24-bit ADC integrated into the detector module allows for the highest signal-to-noise ratio available for a given detector model under most conditions.

Advanced health monitoring

  • Every spectrum that is sent includes extensive hardware health monitoring measurements.
  • Software can help to predict instrument failures or diagnose outlier spectra.

Reproducible measurements based on the Toluene standard

  • Different units will provide the same spectral results.
  • Reproducible with respect to standard MB3000/MB3600 products