Applications of the Single and Multi-Stage restriction orifice

  • Oil & Gas
  • Natural Gas
  • Power
  • Water treatment and distribution
  • Gas processing and transmission
  • Chemical Industry
  • Hydrocarbon Industry

Special Features of the restriction orifice

  • Suitable for liquid, gas, and steam applications
  • Depressurizing and for combating noise
  • Single and Multi-bore and Multi Stage solutions

When customer requirements and flow conditions requiring high pressure drops in liquid or gas, our technical department design correct multistage restriction orifice assemblies achieving the aimed pressure drop while preventing problems such as cavitation, flashing and high noise and vibration levels.

END Multistage Restriction Orifices Assemblies are manufactured from a wide range of materials and are engineered to meet specific project process conditions and requirements. Process connections to existing pipe work can be either standard process flanges or machined ends suitable for butt welding.