Precise measurement and automation intelligence is our primary job. Today’s natural gas market requires high measurement accuracy and real-time gas/liquid custody-transfer and flow information, either from local or remote installations. Our flow computers target the oil and gas industry’s custody-transfer and measurement needs. These low-power, highly reliable, microprocessor-based units meet a wide range of measurement, monitoring, and control applications for remote gas or oil systems. Rising prices for oil and gas have made it more important to have accurate and reliable measurements of flow. Custody transfer is one of the most important applications where the ownership of a fluid or gas is transferred from one person or company to another. In this transfer phase, it is critical that both parties agree on the type of flowmeter and on the conditions of use. All flow computers and RTUs comply with API, AGA, and ISO standards for custody-transfer electronic measurement devices and for flow rate, volume and energy calculations. In addition, all calculations are performed once per second and historical flow volumes and data logs can be stored for more than 40 days. Remote measurement and automation systems from ENDUS take you beyond mere integration through software and hardware solutions that are compatible with your business and with each other. Totalflow products deliver the most accurate information in the most efficient manner. Benefits of Using Our Flow Computers: Monitor, measure and control your facilities anywhere, anytime • Measure and monitor gas and liquid flow in compliance with AGA, API, and ISO standards • Reliable measurement, automation, monitoring, control and alarming applications for remote oil and gas systems • Easy-to-use software systems for real-time measurement and control right from the office.