Precise and flexible for efficient processes:

Many industrial processes require precise temperature measurement. For this, ENDUS offers one of the most extensive product portfolios. The reliable devices and solutions meet your requirements and they have proven themselves in many instances of use in various industries. ENDUS has extensive experience and supports you in the selection of tailor-made solutions. A standart tempreture sensors has these main components: 1. Connection head Connection heads for temperature sensors are in accordance with EN 50446 industry standard, which sets the electric and mechanical connection requirements for thermowells, measuring insets, transmitters and connection cables.ENDUS  has been continuously improving the design of connection heads for one and two transmitters. 2. Extension tube The extension tube protects the electronics from high process temperatures. When process lagging is used, the extension tube enables accessibility of the connections above the lagging. 3. Process connection Measuring elements can be connected directly into the process using compression fittings. When a thermowell is used it can be connected to the process via a screwed connector or a flange to any of a number of international standards. Additionally a thermowell may also be provided in a design suitable for welding into position. 4. Thermowell A conventional thermowell consists of a seamless tube, to which a base is welded on process-side. A solid drilled thermowell is manufactured from a single piece of bar material with a hole drilled to within a few millimeters of the tip. A hole is cut in the rod, ending a few millimeters below the top. Both of these thermowell types provide protection for the temperature sensor. (a) Measuring inset The measuring inset protects the temperature sensor and increases the measuring accuracy. The measuring inset can always be replaced (for example for calibration) at any time, without opening the process or shutting down the plant. This allows for easy calibration of the measuring inset. Investing our  innovative temperature sensors and transmitters, you benefit from low investment costs and standardized modules with high long-term stability. Applications of Our  Series: • Oil and gas • Petrochemical industry • Chemical industry • Power generation • Process engineering • Plant construction • Power generation • Metal processing • Cement industry • Glass industry • Garbage incineration • Basic industry Process connections: • Insertion in existing thermowells • Thermowells with cylindrical or conical thread connections • Thermowells with flanges in accordance with international standards • Surface mounting for non-invasive temperature measurement • Threaded socket • Stop flange with counterflange • Welded standard flange • Ceramic thermowell • Metal thermowell Measuring ranges • Resistance thermometers: –196 to 800 °C (–320.8 to 1472 °F) • Thermocouples: –40 to 1600 °C (–40 to 2912 °F) Thermocouples up to 1800 °C Functional safety Up to SIL2 / SIL3 in accordance with IEC 61508 with integrated transmitters Approvals IECEx, ATEX, GOST / EAC-Ex, further approvals in preparation