Being partnered with the best in the industry and is the official agent/distributor for many major suppliers of marine equipment and ship supplies. We are also actively deals with supply of all necessary products to the vessels including provision, deck, cabin, technical store, etc. With the wide range of products, the extensive knowledge and expertise of our experienced team which our clients are able to benefit as a result of significant cost and time savings that has been our primary key factors in todays’ competitive shipping market. Combined in our traditional values such as having team of expertise with an eye for attention to details, building strong support through long lasting relationships with our suppliers and affiliates, we aim to provide efficient and reliable services in satisfactions of our clients’ at all time. ENDUS will continue to pursue its ambition, driven by continuous recovery in the oil and gas, offshore and shipping &  maritime sectors. We provide uninterrupted and safe service to our customers with our subcontractors who have laid the right ground. We provide our customers with a wide range of supply from Survival suits, Lifejackets, Rescue & Diving equipments, Medical supplies, Cotton Rags (Coloured & White) ,Stationary and Office Supplies, Heavy Duty Ropes, Wire Lubricants (Oil)  including biodegradable lubricants, to water disinfectant solutions (Sodium Hypochlorite Solution). Our company also give professional supply service on industrial (Cotton)  rags from wiping grease to preparing paint, we’ll help you  find the specific durable, absorbent rags you need to improve your company’s processes and increase savings and minimize manhours.
  • Emergency Food
  • Water Rations
  • Water Sample Analysis for Tank Water
  • Microphones for Jack-up system communications
  • Crane Radiator GP Cooling System
  • Refrigerants
  • Hydraulic test for EEBD air cylinders  | EN 12021 - Compressed Air Breathing Quality Test Service