The TB454 conductivity cell combines versatility, easy access and low cost into one compact package. The sensor is suitable for either in-line or submersion installations. It fits into a 1 in. NPT receptacle and is inserted with a push and 90-degree twist for in-line installations. There is also a Ryton®(PPS) holder with screw cap available. The wide rangeability of this sensor makes it a perfect match for almost all less aggressive conductivity measurements.

The TB457 conductivity cell has a 316 stainless steel body and integral Tri-Clamp fittings and is designed for use in sanitary applications. The electrode tips and electrodes are sealed with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved silicone potting material. ABB offers two styles of these sensors to meet each particular need. The first is a flush face style that meets the process at the Tri-Clamp fitting. The second has an extended face designed to place the measurement electrodes into the process past the fitting. The extended face type is narrow enough to allow cleaning chemicals or steam to surround the electrode body thus insuring crevice free cleaning.

Ruggedly constructed of 316 stainless steel, the TB461 conductivity cell withstands the most demanding processes and measurement requirements. The TB461 insertion / submersion sensors are easily installed into process lines and vessels using the 3/4 in. NPT insertion threads or submersed directly into fluids by the back-threads. TB461 hot-tap sensors are directly inserted and removed from lines and vessels without disturbing the process via either a 11/2 in. normal or 11/4 in. full port ball valve. This series is the most versatile offered by ABB. Full spectrum conductivity measurement is achieved by the wide rangeability of the sensor and the unique, interchangeable tip design.

The TB464 conductivity cell is available with a bushing nut and union or can be retro-fitted into standard DN 25 bushings with 0.983 to 0.995 in. internal diameters. They are also available for installation into 4TB9515-0190 and 4TB9515-0223 flow cells or the Model TB18 Safe-T-Clean sensor valve. It quickly and easily installs into the flow cell without twisting the sensor cable.