HygienicMaster FEH630 – The first choice for all hygienic applications.
Advanced features and functionality that enable you to operate more efficiently, reduce costs and increase profitably.   

  • Real-time diagnostic keep your process up and running
    – Detecting critical process conditions at an early stage reduce unscheduled downtime and maintenance
    – Clear text messages simplify troubleshooting
  • In-built noise/grounding check
    – Verify the installation is correct from day one
    – Checks for proper grounding which is fundamental to an accurate flow measurement
  • In-built verification for highest confidence in your flow measurement
    – Checking for sensor and transmitter Integrity
    – No need to remove the flowmeter from the process
  • Simplicity of operation
    – Automatic self-configuration sequence
    – Incredibly easy to work with
  • Ethernet IP communication
    – For remote access to built-in diagnostic monitoring the flowmeter and your process
    – Flowmeter verification and configuration over Ethernet minimizing commissioning time
    – Built-in webserver, no additional software required for flowmeter configuration