FT-IR Field-mountable Process Analyzer Platform

The FTPA2000-HP360 system includes an integrated Ex-certified analyzer cabinet designed for field shelter installation, temperature controlled FT-IR analyzer internal sample system with flow cell(s), full connectivity to DCS via MODBUS or OPC connected via Ethernet to a remote  PC data-controller.

The FTPA2000-HP360 series analyzers are designed to provide hydrocarbon quality measurements on a wide range of process liquid and vapour steams including naphtha, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, reformate, C4 / LPG streams and similar applications. The analyzer internal sample flow cell system provides precise sample temperature control and allows stream quality measurements to be made with excellent repeatability.

Key Features

  • Integrated Ex certified analyzer in IP65 enclosure designed for field shelter installation.
  • Suitable for light hydrocarbon liquid process streams (up to middle distillate, LGO, Kero) and process vapour streams.
  • Full DCS connectivity via ModBUS RTU and OPC
  • Calibration and Validation procedures to ASTM D6122 / E1655
  • All aspects of system operation, such as sampling system control, referencing, sample analysis, data communication, and data archiving, are controlled by ABB’s FTSW100 Process Software
  • Certified for hazardous locations:
    • Class 1 Division 2, T3 temperature rating,
    • ATEX Category II 2G(EEx pemd [ib] IIC T4 or T3, for hazardous area operation
  • NIR optics covering the 3800 cm-1 to 12,000 cm-1 range,
  • Single cell, single fluid switching kit included, upgrade to dual-cell with fully independent process sample inputs available
  • Multi-stream and multi-property analyses of refinery hydrocarbon streams with fast response (less than 1 minute per stream)

Key Applicationns

  • Naphtha conversion applications – CCR / ISOM
  • Naphtha steam-cracker feed for naphtha cracking furnace real-tine optimization
  • Gasoline final product quality analysis for blending optimization