ABB supplies the semiconductor, solar cell and flat panel display industries with the first in-situ, real time, non-contact analyzer for wet bench monitoring. ABB is not only a global leader in real time measurements for process control but the leading supplier of fiber optic multi-bath FT-NIR instrumentation to the electronics and solar power industries. 

With numerous standard calibrations and a scientific staff dedicated to custom applications, the ABB Wet Process Analyzer has been installed in over a thousand baths worldwide. The WPA is the only analyzer with a lifetime warranty on its optical “engine:” this is a robust, stable, low maintenance analyzer providing unsurpassed results. When the WPA shows a property trending up or down, it is a real trend not analyzer drift.

The ABB Wet Process Analyzer (WPA)

  • Provides real time characterization and control of wet chemistries
  • Provides real time monitoring of wet chemistry performance
  • Enables real time advanced process control
  • Maximizes the lifetime of all wet chemistries
  • Minimizes waste in high value wet chemistries
  • Reduces the cost associated with laboratory testing
  • Increases tool throughput 

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The WPA is capable of measuring Acidic and Alkaline baths, measuring all components including silicate. The advanced technology of the WPA optical configuration allows ABB to offer guaranteed results.