QA Applications version

The Horizon QA software replaces the AIRS platform in the Horizon MB Software Suite for QA/QC applications. This software includes multiple improvements and expands the functionalities to support legacy of the former FTLA platform and full instrument validations for the MB3000 and FTLA series. 

Horizon QA

What’s in the Horizon 

  • Support of legacy instrument (FTLA) platform
  • Full instrument validation
  • Pre-configured workflow with sequential data acquisition, analysis, and reporting
  • Makes routine analysis of physical and chemical properties easy and eliminates operator errors
  • Configurable settings allowing extensive customization
  • Comprehensive status display for concentrations and analysis history
  • Complete reporting solution
  • Support chemometric options including peak height/area, Horizon Quantify, PLSplusIQ, Grams IQ, SIMCA P+ and Unscrambler
  • Real time analyzer health monitoring
  • Intelligent tools for data export, and archiving