XSeriesG5 devices continue to provide a large set of functionalities related to RTU, PLC and flow computer concepts, but now in a forward-looking microprocessor and a Linux environment.  ABB's XSeriesG5 products are available in one of two product families:

  • eXtendable Flow Computeres (XFCG5)
  • eXtendable Remote Controllers (XRCG5)

The XFCG5  is the "fifth generation" of Totalflow flow computers.  Benefits and features of these particular products include:

  • Smart Integral Multivariable Transducer (XIMV)
  • Comprehensive custody quality data history
  • Automation, control, alarming and data logging capability
  • Base I/O targeted at low cost automation projects
  • New PI operational range
  • Quick easy installation
  • WiFi and Bluetooth for local wireless connectivity
  • On-board Ethernet port
  • Backward compatibility
  • Extendable hardware and software