• Easy to compile ramp/soak profiles that can be programmed via the front panel. The C1960 can store up to 20 programs (10 per control channel) as standard
  • Flexible ramp/soak operation with two hysteresis settings; one applicable to soak segments, the other to ramp segments
  • Convenient product/profile selection either via the front panel, multi-position selector switches connected to the C1960’s digital inputs or by a MODBUS® Master
  • Dedicated ramp/soak display with status LEDs give a clear indication of the current state of the profile, showing whether a ramp or soak is being performed
  • Programmable power failure recovery based on pre-selection of the restart position within the profile
  • Flexible and powerful control strategy where the six common events can be allocated to relay or digital outputs and each segment can be configured to enable any event
  • A self-seeking set point setting enables a profile to start from the current process temperature thereby eliminating time wastage to drive the process temperature down to the actual start temperature for the profile
  • Comprehensive sequencing and advanced analog control features with eight logic equations and up to seven elements per equation
  • Four internal process alarm inputs per channel that can be soft-wired to control strategies, logic equations and output relays