In any production process, it is critical to ensure stable and constant process conditions to reach optimum product quality and process efficiency. Any control equipment must be capable of eliminating any variations in the process variables that could cause the process to consume both more energy and consumables than normal, pushing up production costs. The stability of the downstream control loop may also be affected, impacting on both product quantity and quality. With the compressed air used by valve positioners being around ten times more expensive than electricity, accurate control is essential to minimizing plant overheads as well as eliminating potential problems in the downstream process. Thanks to an innovative control algorithm taken from the field of robotics, the our positioner stands out thanks to its speed and accuracy. Overshooting and slow recovery times are both prevented, allowing the our products to significantly optimize compressed air consumption, energy efficiency and the ═┤ecological footprint═┤ of pneumatic control circuits. Subsequently, it is able to help reduce . cost with its unique electro-pneumatic system, providing unsurpassed low air/gas consumption at steady state. it can also be used in applications with natural gas as the supply energy, eliminating the need for compressed instrument air. Most control valves in many processes will rarely have to move, commonly enabling operators to opt for positioners with lifetimes of less than 100,000 strokes. However, there are some applications where valves will need to handle frequent changes in process conditions. In such applications, where 100,000 strokes may occur in a single year alone, there is a need for a positioner that can handle these changes with minimal need for maintenance.